FAQ's about Quick Home Insurance

Q: What is quickhomeinsurance.com?

A: Quickhomeinsurance.com is a website providing online quotes for all your home insurance needs. We help you save money, by providing the quote information to hundreds of leading insurance providers to compete for your business.

Q: Is quickhomeinsurance.com an insurance company?

A: We are not an insurance company. Our mission is to help you save money on your home insurance premiums by facilitating an easy-to-use online comparison shopping.

Q: How do I get a quote for my home insurance?

A: Fill up a few simple forms at our website and you will be provided with the best quotes available personalized for your situation. You can then choose the best option as per your personal preferences.

Q: Are quickhomeinsurance.com providers nationwide and/or do they offer coverage nationwide?

A: We have access to one of the largest home insurance provider repositories, allowing us to provide you with a quote for a policy in any part of the country.

Q: Will my information be given or sold to a third party?

A: We only share your personal information only with your express permission. Please refer to our Privacy Policy statement for further details.

Q: Can or does anyone have the ability to intercept my personal information over the web?

A: Quickhomeinsurance.com only partners with companies using technology to protect the transmission of your personal data.

Q: Do I need flood/earthquake insurance?

A: Basic home owner insurance usually will not provide coverage for flood/earthquake related damages to your home. We can give you quotes for your needs for flood/earthquake insurance.

Q: How much should I insure my home for?

A: You should insure your home for its rebuilding cost based on the valuation report.

Q: Some of my valuable items have been stolen from my home. Will they be reimbursed by the insurance company?

A: Basic insurance policy will only provide coverage up to a certain limit on your high value items in the house. You should consider taking special coverage for such items when getting your new policy.

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